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“The problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story.”

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Diana is a communications officer working for an organisation that has had a great impact in communities all over Africa. She is proud of the fact that they focus more on being relevant to the communities rather than blowing their own trumpets in an effort to secure more funding from their partners.

It’s now the end of yet another fiscal year and time for the usual annual reports and the partners need to know what was happening on the ground and what progress they have made thus far. She also needs to have updated content for their website, blog and upload new images to the gallery portion of the site. With the growth of social media, she also wants to produce short films about their work so that people can engage with their work and see how a remote and isolated community has been able to stand tall and regain their dignity in the face of harsh traditional values. She still wants to keep the focus on the community as a whole and the organisation to be just a part of their story.

She begins to research how other organisations have told stories from the communities they have worked with. Everywhere she looked, she kept seeing imagery produced to extricate every last drop of sympathy to increase support for any cause. She wanted to be different. She wanted people to support their organisation based on them being a mere catalyst to what was already inbuilt in the community. She wanted to show a people who were self-reliant, who had pride, a people who would keep standing on their own two feet well after their organisation had moved on.

She mentioned this to a colleague at a different organisation and was given an email address and a number. This number belonged to Enigma.

Enigma has one purpose: To produce media with meaning.

We LOVE helping organisations use visual media to tell their story. As a result, we focus on those who need it the most; non-profit organisations and conservation bodies. We also train their communications personnel on the same.

Enigma was formed because our clientele would like someone who cares for the things they care about – and not because they are being paid to.

- We WHOLEHEARTEDLY believe in Africa
- We believe in our potential as a continent despite our current circumstance
- We believe Africa’s story is constantly misrepresented through the lens of a single point-of-view
- We believe we can successfully help you tell yours.